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Healing Earth

African Potato Body Balm 100ml

African Potato Body Balm 100ml

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Containing a unique patented formula, the multi-purpose Healing Earth African Potato Body and Face balm is in a league of its own.

It can be used on the whole family, to assist in any kind or damaged or sensitive skin, including:

wound healing
Chapped lips
Skin allergies
stretch marks
Cracked heels, elbows & knees
Torn/unruly cuticles
Bed troubles
Post chemical peels & other aesthetic procedures
Sensitive baby skin
Nappy rash
Not only is it a must-have for your first aid box, it's also an anti-aging and beautifying superstar that can be used as a face, hand & foot mask, or a repairing and restoring hair mask.

It really is the ultimate SOS balm for both your skin and hair, while being safe and gentle enough for the whole family to use!

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