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Healing Earth

Kalahari Melon oil Hydrate Bath & Body 100ml

Kalahari Melon oil Hydrate Bath & Body 100ml

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Wheat germ and Hazelnut Oil

Powerful anti oxidant enriched oils containing vitamin E to fight against free radical damage. It gives the skin elasticity and improves the skin structure by accelerating the production of collagen.

Kalahari Melon Oil

Sustainably sourced Kalahari melon oil is the key to deep hydration with the benefit of being light and easily absorbed into the skin.


A natural skin balancing oil, geranium normalizes the skin's oil production. The oil also promotes cell regeneration, strengthens the protective barrier of the skin and has a balancing effect on the mind and senses.


A nourishing oil which soothes the skin, reducing inflammation and irritation. Jasmine oil assists in the evening out of the skin complexion and helps reduce the appearance of age and blemish spots.

Use as a body oil massaging in upward strokes all over the body. Pour 30 ml of oil into a bath for a hydrating and uplifting bath journey.

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