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Healing Earth

Kalahari Melon Hydrate Balm 100ml

Kalahari Melon Hydrate Balm 100ml

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Shea Butter

A highly concentrated source of fatty acids and vitamins, pure hydration and nourishment for the skin. Boasting anti-inflammatory and skin healing properties.

Coconut Oil and Jojoba

An ultra hydrating blend which is easily absorbed into the skin providing the skin with essential fatty acids and vitamins. The blend is also anti bacterial fighting harmful bacteria on the skin.

Blood Orange

Not only rich in vitamin C, anti oxidants and linoleic acid, blood orange is an effective diuretic and a sedative relaxing the muscles and the mind.


A nourishing oil which soothes the skin, reducing inflammation and irritation. Jasmine oil assists in the evening out of the skin complexion and helps reduce the appearance of age and blemish spots.


An effective skin brightener and mood lifter this oil will leave the senses uplifted and the skin refreshed.

Use as a daily moisturizer, especially in cold climates to provide added protection against environmental damage.

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